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AFS is an umbrella for all the things I do. I am the solitrary Action Figure and I have Studios where I make a variety of things


This page is specific to guitars, amps, parts, cases and accessories.

I am currently taking orders for custom solid-body electric guitars and custom guitar speaker cabinets - please send me a note under the contacts page and we'll get the ball rolling.  The guitars generally run $2,400- and up and usually take about 4 months to complete depending on the back log and how much detail you want to get into. Standard S and T shapes no longer available nor are other traditional shapes.

I am also taking in setup, modification and repair services primarily for electric guitar and bass and minor work on acoustics.

If you need something else other than what I've mentioned, let me know and we'll figure it out.

To purchase existing builds of guitars, amps and T-shirts - please contact me - sometimes it's hard for me to keep up with the inventory as things get built and things get sold all the time.

All the really nice clean beautiful studio shots by Tony Mastres the other shots are by me except as noted.


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