Firefly Design Build

I've been a designer and maker since I could remember.  And like most, I started by taking things apart and eventually got to putting things together.  Models, photos, small objects - anything was game.  Eventually I went to grad school and got a degree in architecture - not necessarily to become an Architect, but to understand why I build and how to improve my process.

Building stuff continues.


Fast forward to Steve Norman (yes, THAT Steve Norman) - we started this design/build company in Atlanta, Georgia in the mid-2000's (originally Firefly Development).  2008 was a tough year as we completed The Worth House virtually on the same day the market crashed.  We got out of it by the skin of our teeth but we dissolved the initial organization and I carried on the name, adding some older and newer projects to the roster.

The samples below show the Worth House, The Vault (my place in Phoenix) and a variety of other design/build projects from skateboards to motorcycles to furniture to doggie-daycare.

All fun stuff and I'm so grateful to have been able to do these projects.  Stay tuned for more.

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